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Wally’s World of Wood

From Our Test Kitchen………………


Ever since my good neighbor, Wally, first turned out some of his primitive, cherry wood spoons back in 1998,

I have been privileged to test out his new creations.   I am so impressed with the way Wally produces each tool, then lovingly oils it and presents it for display. I invite you to wander through




and check out some of my favorite pieces!

...............Debbi Wyse   

Selecting the Right Tools for Your Needs

             Wally makes tools for both right-handers and lefties! 

             Explore the differences in handles:  round or flat, long or short, narrow or wide. Each spoon has a unique feel. 

             Consider the bowl of the spoon.  Do you need a deep bowl to hold a lot of food for serving, or a shallow bowl for stirring?

                             How about a perforated bowl for straining?

             Think about the edge of each tool.  Do you like a traditional rounded shape, or do you prefer a beveled edge for scraping?

                            Or maybe even beveled and angled?

             Remember that Wally can create a custom tool just the way you want it.

Gift Sets………

The Newlywed Assortment:

             Angled Spatula with Beveled Edge (perfect for browning hamburger)

             Cutting Boards

             Pancake Turner

              Soup Ladle

             Tongs for serving up relishes, cheese, cookies, you name it!




Trio Italiano

Add a jar of marinara and some Parmesan Cheese and you’re all set!

             Italian Tasting Spoon helps avoid cross-contamination while tasting & seasoning

            Pasta Strainer  makes a great draining tool for potatoes and other boiled vegetables

           Spaghetti Server

Debbi’s Personal Faves…………..

            Angled Spatulas with Beveled Edge:  There’s no better tool for multiple uses such as stirring, scraping, 

                                browning, etc. It’s my all-time  favorite tool, and it gets better with age!

           Salad Fingers:  Try these when serving asparagus spears!

           Cutting Boards in all sizes help keep my knives from getting dull too quickly.

           Trivets for setting skillets and steamy casseroles right on the table